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Invitation to protest!

July 26, 2007


Invitation to protest!

“One Committee. So much pollution.”

A protest led by

Zalul Environmental Association, The Surfers Organization, and Green Course.

Monday, July 30, 2007 at Hotel Tal square.

287 Yarkon Street, Tel Aviv

8:30 to 9:30 am

The committee to moderate permits being the administrative body on behalf of the State of Israel for approving permits for discharging to the sea will convene on Monday 30.7.07 in order to continue to approve permits for sending even more sewage to the sea.

Come demonstrate with us to demand that

the health of the sea and of the public comes first and foremost!

Background: The committee to moderate permits for the dumping of waste or the discharging of sewage from land-based sources to the sea is empowered by the Law of Prevention of Sea Pollution from Land-based Sources, 1988. The law prohibits the dumping of waste and flowing of sewage to the sea from land-based sources, unless permitted by the Permit Committee (aimed to moderate permits), and when permitted, it mocks, amongst others, the Barcelona Protocol for the protection of the Mediterranean Sea against pollution from land-based sources of 1983. The law, which established the committee to moderate permits, determines its authority to give permits for dumping flowing to provide conditions for which the permits will be given.

Of the approved substances permitted to be released to the sea by the Committee on an annual basis are approximately 130 ton of pesticides, 5 tons of arsenic, 15 thousand tons of organic pollutants, 1,300 tons of ammonia, 5 tons of phenol and over a ton of cyanide.

We believe that a clean, clear sea is important and we think the committee to moderate permits should too. Therefore it is up to us to do all we can to ensure a change in the way they operate!

Your participation is important, come and stand up for a clean Mediterranean Sea!

Questions? Call Shahar Brinenberg for details: 052-4594595

For Hebrew:

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