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Israel’s Quality of Life

July 9, 2007

We came across this Quality of Life Index for 2007, just released by and thought the results were quite interesting.

Israel ranks #71. It’s leisure and culture ranking is 86 out of 100 and for climate it got an 85, which makes it a great place to visit. But it’s environmental ranking is 55, just like Kuwait and Taiwan and only slightly better than Afghanistan. Infrastructure, which tends to have an effect on the environment is even lower at 43.

An article in Haaretz this week illustrates this well:

The Dan Municipal Union for Environment and Sewage, a body responsible for the transfer of sewage across the Gush Dan area, has identified a crack in one of the main sewage lines in northern Tel Aviv. If the crack is not repaired, the pipe could collapse, spilling large amounts of sewage into residential areas. However, while the pipe is being repaired, the sewage would be spilled into the sea, causing large-scale pollution to area beaches.

Director of the environmental organization Tzalul [Zalul] attorney Yariv Abramovich accused the municipal union of failing to address the sewage problem effectively. “For years, they have been maintaining breakdowns, rather than preventing them,” Abramovich said. “This problem should set alarm bells ringing at the Tel Aviv Municipality and the Environment Ministry. They must force a systematic solution on the union which will include a solution to the dangerous worn out pipelines.”

This needed repair, plus a few others, and soon Israel will be number one!

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