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Shafdan criminals.

July 2, 2007

Yudit at Occupied writes about the Shafdan’s impact on Jaffa.

Sewage Flowing Into the Sea in Tel Aviv

For many years, they did not bother to maintain Jaffa’s rather ancient sewage pipe system, until, one hot summer day, the main pipe basically exploded. A 10 meter high pressure shit fountain was the result. Houses were flooded, cars swept away and the smell…

No words can describe it.

As repair was going to be a time-consuming business, they decided to simply chuck the metropolitan raw sewage directly into the the sea for a period of approximately 2 months. No swimming, no fishing, no beach and yes, the smell, that too.

Fishermen went broke, kids were frustrated and nobody asked the fish and other marine creatures what they felt about their environment.
The lovely azure water close to the beach looked sort of brownish for months.

Read more about Zalul’s battle with the Shafdan here and here.

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