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Shalom world!

June 4, 2007

Welcome to the official blog of Zalul Environmental Association.

Here in Israel water is a precious resource. The streams and rivers running through the land are few, the raindrops minimal, and the seas… well, one of them is shrinking and we’ll leave it at that for now.

Old or young, Jewish or Arab, Sephardi or Ashkenazi, bald or with a full head of hair – everyone is affected by the amount and quality of water available for drinking, showering, laundering, farming, gardening, swimming, playing, cooking, and oh, so much more.

Water is important. It’s mentioned here:

“O all who thirst, come for water.”

Isaiah 55:1

And here:

“By means of water, we give life to everything.”

Koran, 21:30

And, in the words of the late, great naturalist and philosopher:

“I believe that water is the only drink for a wise man.”

Henry David Thoreau

And here at Zalul, we agree. Except that, for a long time now, Israel’s water resources haven’t been getting the respect they deserve. But we are out to change that. “Zalul” in Hebrew means “clear” and that is what we strive for. Clean, clear water for the enjoyment of all. The battles are being fought. Legal, legislative, and public action is being taken to clean up and restore Israel’s rivers, streams, and shorelines to the greatness they once were.

Our work extends all over the country. From the coral reefs in Eilat in the south to the Gulf of Acco and Naaman River in the north, since 1999 we have been working towards our goal of clean, clear water in Israel and there is still a lot of work to be done.

This blog is meant to keep you updated on our work and hopefully to inspire you to get involved too. We’re excited about this new project and we hope you are too.

Write us at or leave a comment here and let us know what you are willing to do to help clean up Israel’s water and keep it clean for the generations to come.

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