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Beach cleanup at the Yarkon River estuary!

December 26, 2010

A beautiful winter day at the Yarkon River

Yesterday Zalul was joined by members of Beit Simchat Torah from New York City at the Yarkon River in Tel Aviv for a beach cleanup. It was a gorgeous day and the participants enthusiasm made it even better! In less than an hour the banks of the Yarkon River looked much MUCH cleaner.

Garbage washed ashore on the northern bank of the Yarkon River

The amazing volunteers posing with their garbage collection.

Thank you everyone for a great afternoon and for being so willing to get your hands dirty in the name of clean beaches and rivers!


Chag Sukkot Sameach

September 25, 2010

Photo by Ari Polsky

Shana Tova!

September 8, 2010

We at Zalul wish you a happy and sweet New Year!

Gordon Beach in Tel Aviv. From Zalul's 2009 Tu B'Shvat photo competition.

As one of your New Years resolutions we recommend a more “sustainable and greener lifestyle.”  Rosh Hashanah is a holiday that celebrates renewal as we prepare ourselves to repent for our sins.  The least we can do to begin this new cycle is to make one small green change.  For example, buy organic or local apples and honey to make the New Year sweet for you and the Environment.

Kayak Surfing

August 30, 2010
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Check out the Tel-Aviv beaches for kayak surfing!

Click here to see an extreme sport in action in this cool video we found on YouTube.

Tuesday Photo: Tree on Golan Heights

August 24, 2010

“Tree on Golan Heights”

By Verbal Jam on Flickr.

Do you have a photograph of nature and the environment in Israel you’d like to submit to Clear’s Photo Tuesdays? Email us at

Update On Jordan River Baptism Site

August 18, 2010


We just wanted to update you on an issue that we blogged about previously. The Qasar al-Yehud baptism site where Christians believe that Jesus descended into the Jordan River to be baptized has been declared safe by the Ministry of Health. After testing the Ministry has declared that levels of fecal bacteria are below harmful levels.  While this is good for pilgrims and the Jordan River alike, the Jordan River is still far from clean and we should all make efforts to keep it as clean as possible.

Read more here!

Watch a video about it here!

Sign the Petition Against the Telma River

August 17, 2010

The Telma River flowing into the Mediterranean near Haifa, Israel

Our campaign against the Telma Factory continues!  Join the fight against the pollution on our Facebook page.  Please sign our petition to show your support for ending the discharge of wastewater from the Telma Factory into the Mediterranean Sea!

The petitions will be sent to the Ministry of the Environment, director of the Ministry of the Environment and the director of Telma.  For those of you that do not speak Hebrew the petition prompts to type your first name, last name and email.

Additional information about the campaign against Telma can be found on our website, blog, Facebook group, or Facebook pages in English and in Hebrew.